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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  December 27, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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wong in for pam cook, it is december 27th. >> and mark is here for steve paulson. >> today we get a break and we can go outside without the umbrella and temperatures are off to a cool start, it is only 30 here but let's keep our eyes towards mendocino county, we could have a few showers towards ukiah. skies are becoming partly cloudy and we will look at the forecast highs in your neighborhood and we will break down your next shower chances and right now we will check in with tara, good morning tara. >> good morning, right now we are going to take a live look
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on the east shore freeway and 101 san francisco same story, traffic is moving well as you make your way towards the airport. let's head back to the desk. police are at the scene of an officer involved shooting in walnut creek. it happened in the area of creek side drive near interstate 880, christian captain arrived on scene, what do you know? >> as you said, this was an officer involved shooting. >> reporter: you can see heavy police presence and we have seen at least a dozen cruisers from walnut creek police and sheriff's office -- the sheriff's office out here and we have reports of shots fired. we did confirm this was an officers involved shooting and we have representatives from
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various law enforcement agencies. they have pushed the perimeter back twice to campus -- encompass a larger area. it is up the road and the shooting happened inside an apartment building and the ambulance that was here has since left the scene. investigative unit has been called and that's common with shootings. again we are hearing this officer involved shooting happened in an apartment building here in walnut creek and we are working to bring you more updates throughout the morning. for now live, christian captain, ktvu channel 2 morning
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news. there are angry business owners demanding more police patrols. early yesterday, vandals smashed the windows at a nearby empty storefront and the area has been the center of recent crimes and now they are writing to city leaders to ask for more police protection. pg&e prompted evacuations in eastern contra costa. crews dug up an area in brentwood this morning. they found a league and last night crews evacuated three homes and told others to stay indoors. we have a reporter on the way to brentwood and shed have a report in just a half hour. investigators found it at
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industrial boulevard. they found the man was killed who was in his late 5 ross. the peoples in mustang were not hurt and they are trying to figure out whether or not alcohol was involved. it happened at 8:40 last night. he was taken to a hospital and is expected to survive. the shooting was gang related and he is expected to survive. they ran through the mall knocking over signs. several reported gunshots but they believe the people falling to the floor led to false reports.
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>> i was imagining somebody was done and people were coming to threaten us. >> many stores went into lock down. no shots were fired and the mall reopened about an hour later. >> teens in the brawl were arrested. and in los angeles, thousands decided to hand over their guns to officials in exchange for something more useful. the east coast is pounded with knowing day heavy storms. that same storm is being blamed for six death mostly from traffic accident. airlines have canceled hundreds of flights and that has left thousands of travelers stranded.
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bay area airports have had days of delays because of rain here. president barack obama arrives back in washington for high level cliff's. president barack obama cut short his christmas trip in hopes of negotiating a deal with republicans and the deal was to make tax cuts for the wealthy and raising taxes among the rich. the treasury announced they will resore to using a program to help sustain their money. they will look to borrowing where the government defaults on their debt. former president bush
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remains alert talking with medical staff. former president bush was in the hospital since last monday for complications related to bronchitis. >> we are hoping the medicine and treatments can help him turn things around. >> the former president has a high fever and is now on a liquid only diet. his former florida governor and son have all been frequent visitors. they came after 14 million vehicles came. they say the value of the cars fell sharply after the recalls. a judge must still approve the
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settlement. how are things looking tara >> so far so good, let's take a live look at the east shore freeway and traffic is moving very nicely there. folks are headed towards berkeley, no delay. you can see traffic is flowing nicely into san francisco and traffic is moving well in both directions let's head over to mark in for steve paulson. the bulk of the activity at least for this morning will be for the morning hours but for us we just have a few clouds and quite a few and there is a chance for light showers to
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develop in mendocino county and write right now we can't see those chilly skies. low 40s out towards santa rosa and napa. this morning mostly cloudy skies, upper 30s and 40s for your forecast. temperatures are maxing out to around 50 to 55. another one is one out here for your friday and skies are becoming partly cloudy into the afternoon hours. here is a look at our forecast highs, they are off to a cool start, temperatures are warming back to the 50s and and los
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gatos warms up to 55 degrees. both of the activity for the weekend there be for the early morning hours and we have a few showers for today, pause we wrap up 2012. well people across the bay area are dealing with recent storms, and in oakland one woman tonightpedment. and in san francisco -- san francisco portions of the area are still closed because of portions of water on that
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roadway and there and there is no idea when that road will reopen. and a closer look at the boy scouts, where accusations remain in the bay area and we will have more on what one man told us about who abused him. we will have some traffic and some road restrictions next in oakland.
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. good thursday morning, time now 4:43, mostly cloudy skies and we will take a look at our next chance of rain. in response to the newtown connecticut shooting the response was earlier than planned. people waited to turn in their guns at an event scheduled earlier for may. reportedly more than 2000 firearms were collected and more than 300,000 was handed
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out in gift cards. they are upset about publishing the names and addresses of handgun permit holders. the state senate tore is demanding they -- senator is demanding they take down the map. >> officials from newtown connecticut are asking well wishers to hold off on gifts for the grieve stricken community. tens of thousands of gifts have been pouring into the community from all over the world, they say they are deeply grateful but can't manage so many items. once they process the gifts they will let the people know the best ways to help the victims. there are several in the boy scouts. now we went through that database and counted at least
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88 cases here in the bay area. those dots is be filed and the alleged abusers of the scouts were asked to hand over the information. when he came to talk to us, he brought the uniform he wore when he was 12 years old. he said the scout master molested him in 1982 and in 1983. >> it was terrible in the 30s , ex-war guy, nobody wants to admit they were powerless to stop something like this from happening. >> he served 8 years on molest station charges. we did contact them and they apologized to the families and in certain cases they say it
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was inappropriate and wrong. the supreme court justice refused to block some of the healthcare law, as they rejected aware of and that business said the healthcare mandate very late the religious beliefs. now they must see if they will be fined and she will be heard in a lower court. the 40-year-old democrat will find out the remainder of the term of a man who died earlier this month. he had served with president barack obama on air force one. nelson mandela is out of the hospital this morning. he is back in hospital after
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being treated for gallstones. he was called out to a home on market treat yesterday. he wanted to turn in old pn. the from world war ii. five and a half pounds of that was recovered and can could cause a lot of problems. 23-year-old gina eunice made her first court appearance. eunice was drunk when she hit a group of people while walking a long twin peaks last thursday. a man was knocked down a hillside and killed. >> this case is a case that will be handled very aggressively. >> the entire unit's family is
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destroyed by what happened and i think it is fair to say their main concern is for the family. >> eunice's lawyer said her client has never been in trouble with the law and was studying criminal justice to become a police officer. and taking the life of an 11-year-old, coming up, it may all be linked. the california highway patrol days between 74-and 75th, more than 1100 people were arrested for dui. police have set up a series of sobriety check -- sobriety checkpoints during the holidays. tara is in for sal castaneda.
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here is more. we have a stalled car blocking the lane be aware of it. we will show you inn dense here to rewrap, this is between high street and we also have a closure near 4th street so be aware. 880 near the oakland coliseum, you can see traffic report is flowing well in both directions and traffic is on the right- hand side towards pleasanton, no delays are around to report. let's check in with mark. dry roadways, we get a break in the rain lots of overcast skies, a big batch of clouds and skies are partly cloudy in the afternoon hours. we will introduce the chance of a few light showers and then over the weekend, chances of a
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morning showers are expected. we have rain showers up to our north and to our west, there is a chance of a few sprinkles moving in to the area. san rafael 54 degrees and livermore right around 40 degrees. i was talking about the high clouds and you can see them blanketing the entire area. today we have a dry weather forecast. this will be a cloud producer. some of the forecast models are lasting into early saturday morning. here we go for this morning, there is some cloud cover and we will take this into the evening hours and we scale back. for your friday, there is a chance of a few showers, this
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model is offshore and then probably for the morning hours i will hold -- we will hold onto that chance and we have lingering chances for showers. we have a chance of a few sprinkles and a few light showers for friday showers, we will be dry by monday. coming up we will look at lake tahoe forecast coming up in our next update. and in the city of richmond, we will tell you what they are saying about that city and how residents they there is not that much time. there is a push for the bottom line before the end of the year.
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. well crime fighting effort seem to be working in richmond. 18 have been killed in that city which is down from 45 last year. they are credited them with stopping the violence after a state of emergency back in 2005. many people in the community feel safer than they used to. >> it has been working and we will take what we can right now. >> i would always be scared of
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something happening but now it is like my second home. >> the police department has hired more officers over the last few years and they also say better street lights, surveillance cameras and shot lights help. san francisco police are looking for more potential victims of shoplifting suspects. on december 20th, three women went into several stores in san francisco, you can see them their. the women put some merchandise in their bags walked out of the store. anybody with information on the incident is asked to call the police departmentment. they were packed with shoppers and some people were milling around and not actually buying anything. people are not in the mood for
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buying after super storm sandy and the newtown connecticut shooting. >> i think there is a lot of apprehension about the future of our economy and three, people are very good at waiting for those bargains. >> they are not going to decide how good or bad the holiday season was until after the year. they are still working on other means to help boost their bottom line. we have a car moved into one of the lanes 880 westbound northbound on ramp has one car that is stalled there. so be aware of it. right now we will head outside and we will look at the golden gate bridge where we have two lanes closed on the north end there and we have an cyst with construction, -- an assist with construction with keeps, they
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are getting -- cones, they are getting them out of the way and san jose, same story, let's check in with mark. remember yesterday at this time we were chasing rain showers moving across the bay area, now they are moving across cape mendocino and there is a chance of a few sprinkles in mendocino throughout the morning. most areas are in hayward and mountain view checking in at 46 degrees at last checked. upper 30s to upper 40s and then in the afternoon hours we scale back to lower 50s for afternoon highs. our storms moved out to the east, we still have a batch of high clouds moving in from the north and we will have to deal with some of that overcast for
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this morning. another weather system approaches and we will introduce a chance of a few light showers. there may be an isolated shower for this morning. more cloud cover and we could be tracking some more snow as we do head into your saturday. here is a look at our forecast highs, there is not much of a warmup for san jose. 54 fremont downtown san francisco 53. here is a look ahead with your weekend always in view, there is a chance of a light showers friday, and second half of the weekend, it will be dry with increasing clouds by monday. we are continuing to follow breaking news from the east bay, an officers involved shooting, stay with us. also for the new year, what you need to know before you get behind the wheel.
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